I help women create a healthy lifestyle that is stress and shame free

Hey, I'm Stacey - thank you so much for being here...

My passion is to teach and use movement, whether that be yoga, mobility flows, or lifting weights, as a way to connect to and explore our physical and emotional landscape so that we can develop a stronger relationship with ourselves and the world around us, rooted in autonomy and and self trust.

Although many of my clients come to me wanting to look externally better, leaner, fitter etc (in their words) and they are disconnected from their physical body, treating it like a "thing" they have to deal with or fix, my approach is to make sure you improve in ability along the way and focus on moving better, getting stronger, fitter, and not just looking better, which IMO feeds into a dysfunctional relationship with your body, with food, and keeps you stuck in the same cycles you have been repeating time and again.

When you shift the focus to improving skill and ability, instead of being too fixated on how you externally look then you start to feel empowered and this energy expands. You start to enjoy moving our body, a positive ripple effect happens as this energy filters through into other areas of your life.

Are you ready to ditch the stories you are telling yourself about why you can't, why you'll never be happy until, why your body has failed you, and start to tell yourself you can, and you are?

I'm ready if you are...