I help busy women adopt a sane and simple approach to health and fitness

Hey, I'm Stacey - thank you so much for being here! I was stumped for a long time when it came to writing an "about" page, then I thought I would just tell my story and how my passion and purpose has evolved to where it is now.

During and even in years prior to my experience as a fitness model competitor my training was focused largely on aesthetics, like a body builder, counting macros, training intensively to build muscle and sculpt a “look" and whilst I am proud of the discipline, dedication, sacrifice and courage it took to compete, but at some point I became bored with training, felt unfulfilled, and didn’t want to communicate the message of ‘You must look like THIS, to be valued, desired, loved etc.

I believe if we can shift the focus onto developing physical fitness, strength or learning a new skill such as a handstand or a pushup instead of being too fixated on how we externally look then we start to feel empowered. We cultivate physical confidence as we make progress and this energy expands. We start to enjoy moving our bodies and a positive ripple effect happens as this energy filters through into the way we eat, live and engage with the world around us.

Lets start one day, one step, one choice, at a time to build the body, the life, and the confidence you deserve.

You ready?