I help women move, eat, and live with freedom, fun and fulfilment 

My personal belief system is that exercise and nutrition should enrich our lives and not be a weapon we use against ourselves so I focus on simplifying the complicated, asking questions where there were rules and bringing light to the darkness so that you can learn to cultivate and live a lifestyle that serves, rather than steals from you. This is about more than creating a fit body it’s about living life in a way that brings freedom, fun and fulfilment across the board.

Some things that tickle my fancy are laughing until my belly aches, impromptu wine and giggles, daily movement that brings me pleasure, eating food that looks and tastes awesome with zero guilt, empowering self-talk and ultimately being a beautiful badass that knows her worth.

If that is your jam then I’d love to connect with you 🙂

Stacey x